“Dr. Feelgood”


    “I’d Rather Drink

      Muddy Water”


Ira Marlowe is an experienced producer/engineer who brings a rare combination of skills and sensitivities to the recording process. He’s worked with numerous area singers and songwriters, as well as corporate clients including The Learning Company, PlayFirst, Playwalla and most recently Dolby Labs, where he was hired as an “expert listener” to test their products.

Ira takes pride in creating an atmosphere where performers are comfortable enough to do their very best work.  His skills as a singer/songwriter inform his work as an engineer and producer and he believes in focusing on what’s most important -- the song and its arrangement and performance -- not wasting precious time on tiny details that are meaningless to the average listener.

Running Pro Tools, the industry standard in digital recording, other top-notch gear includes Neumann, AKG, Beyer and Shure Mics, Avalon and DavisSound mic preamps, plus world-class plug-ins by Universal Audio, Waves, Antares, Izotope, Roger Linn Design, and more.  Yes, there are plenty of Bay Area studios with more gear.  But what’s most important is knowing how to use what you’ve got to achieve optimal results -- quickly, and in a relaxed setting conducive to creativity.

Rates start at only $35/hour.  

We also offer LIVE RECORDING PACKAGES (see below) using the Monkey House performance space.  CLICK HERE to contact Monkey House Recording.

Terrie Odabi live recording at The Monkey House, July 31, 2012

Steve Turre: trombone, Hoshima: bass, Leon Joyce: drums,

Calvin Keys: guitar, Spencer Allen: keyboards,

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